A novel conviction...  
"The concrete industry should be more fashionable"

Thomas "Tom/TV" Vincent Harris Jr.
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - June 27, 2015

Australian Concrete Company of America
Designer Dsgnr Concrete
Established 2016

            Accoa, LLC - Dsgnr Concrete...    was formally founded on March 21, 2016 by myself, Sole Member and Middle Tennessee State University Concrete Industry Management Bachelor of Science alum, Executive Master of Business Admin - Concrete Industry Management candidate Thomas V. Harris Jr. 


            After my final flight back via Sydney from serving as Quality Assurance Manager for Clive Arona's Multi-Crete, Pty, Ltd. (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Gold Coast, Brisbane, Australia), I pledged to myself that Clive would be the last Boss I ever have in my life. Why?... because how could I ever possibly beat that experience? No amount of money a company could offered me, or no location internationally, or no title I could be granted could ever one-up or match the experience I had during my time in Australia. The stars aligned to where I look at Accoa as a beacon of loyalty to a special group of people halfway across the world that I now truly consider my continued extended family. I often tell this same story extended in person, and it may seem as if I was on a grand vacation. I can confirm that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I didn't create an amazing career for myself, I created a vocation. There is no separation of evils. There is only lifestyle. I was raised to find empowerment in who I am innately and flex my ability for the right purpose. To become distinguished with an understanding gave me confidence to come home and act, with the only preconditions being...

1. The brand must be predicated on honoring the integrity of the past (educational and vocational)

2. I must allow the brand the freedom to celebrate my maverick personality and conceptualization of the future (be fashionable)

I created Accoa to be a brand with, not only a superior product, but also a conscientious footprint; a brand whose reputation is built on x3 overachievement and not just simple satisfaction; most of all, a brand with a culture so adept it begets a nature of exclusivity.


            The name and logo for Accoa was first conceived on the shaded hills below Telstra Tower and the parks of Lake Burley Griffin during my final days in Canberra.  I chose Nashville as the base for reasons of preestablished professional connections, and trending industry statistics. As an illustration of respect to Australia's pride and overwhelming pioneer spirit, Australian Concrete Company of America was notated Accoa and national landmarks, including the Australian National Monument, were placed on the left of the logo's skyline. Nashville's "Batman Building" is the centerpiece. The right side of the logo's skyline consist of relevant American landmarks throughout my life, including the "Blue Horseshoe" located at Walnut Grove on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University. These icons are more clearly represented on the original Accoa logo before rebranding and innovation in the following years. 

            The continued success and future of Accoa is Accoa, LLC - Dsgnr Homes. As you would expect, it is planned accordingly; but future success will not be measured in how many homes, how grand of projects, dollar signs, or location of future endeavors. I do not believe we have anything else to prove in regards to capitalism. Our future is based on the elevation and continued progress in quality of each individuals life that has ever had a hand in making Accoa what it is today. From team members to customers to suppliers past, current, and future; I am most proud of and find the most joy in us, my highly diverse people; I am grateful.

Canberra City Center
Black Mountain
Mount Ainslie Lookout
Parliament House
Lake Burley Griffin
Lake Burley Griffin
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